We've been doing ActionKit consulting since 2010 for a wide variety of clients. We can help if:

  • You‘re a new ActionKit client and need to get set up quickly with theming & configuration, deep imports from previous systems, or training
  • You have an upcoming campaign that needs customized tools beyond what ActionKit provides out-of-the-box
  • You need to connect ActionKit with your other organizing tools and databases like Salesforce, Quorum, Mobile Commons, ActBlue, Action Network, Airtable, Raisers Edge, Typeform, CiviCRM, Mobilize, EveryAction, Google Sheets, Wordpress, or Squarespace.
  • You just need someone on standby for your ongoing targeting, custom reports, and general troubleshooting

Better Member Surveys

We can give you easy-to-use enhanced question types for your member surveys: sliders, matrix fields, ranked choices, or checkboxes with freeform "Other" options.

Acquisition & Engagement Tools

Boost member engagement and social sharing via scored quizzes, polls that display realtime results, or Buzzfeed-style "What kind of ____ are you?" surveys.

Custom Page Types

We build reusable custom page types like conversational forms, tweet-to-target actions, click-to-call campaigns, and pledge trackers for candidates & CEOs.

Enhance Your Advocacy Pages.

ActionKit‘s highly customizable templates, open API, and webhooks make it a great base to build on when your campaigns need something outside-the-box.

Whatever you can dream up wanting to do as you run campaigns, engage your members, or acquire new ones, we can make it happen!

Whether you‘re asking your members to pressure people running for office to make a pledge on a particular issue, or just want a prettier input field for your letters-to-the-editor, we‘re happy to build it for you.

Goal Thermometers

Make your mailings real-time with dynamic goal thermometers, recent signers, and other content that shows the latest content straight from ActionKit every time the email is opened.

Streamlined Snippets

We‘ll set you up with simple reusable snippets and custom mailing fields to abstract your calls to action, donate button grids, banner images, and other common patterns — no more hand-coded HTML needed.

Easier Emails. Beautiful Newsletters.

We'll tune your email wrappers with reusable snippets and custom mailing fields to give your staff just the right level of control, with content entry that‘s quick and styles standardized.

We also build visually engaging, maintainable custom email wrappers with flexible & reorderable content modules for your featured campaigns, recent news, banners, and callouts — so sending newsletters doesn't need tons of staff time and custom HTML coding.

We know how to build emails that look great no matter where they‘re opened: Gmail, Outlook, iOS, dark mode, and more.

We‘ll set you up for success based on your team‘s particular needs — which might mean a highly structured email wrapper with easy-to-use content fields; or a standalone drag-and-drop email builder on top of ActionKit; or anything in between.

We can also help you deploy AMP emails to give your members dynamic content and embedded actions straight in their inbox.

Apple Pay

Give your donors more ways to give with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or even Venmo. If you‘re using ActionKit‘s hosted donate pages, we can add in these payment methods.

Bank Payments

Need help updating your templates to use ActionKit‘s built-in ACH payment option or multi-currency features? We can do that for you.

ActBlue Multi-Entity & Tandem

If you use ActBlue with multiple entities, we can set up the integration to track C4 vs PAC payments, or even subscribe C3 donors to different lists for compliance purposes.

And we‘ll set you up with reports to track tandem giving so you know how much your donors are giving through you to other candidates & causes.

Fundraise Confidently.

ActionKit offers tons of options for raising money — hosted pages with Braintree or … PayPal buttons and ActBlue … ACH payments for US bank accounts … offline gift tracking …… we can help you make sense of it all, and make it work for how you want to run your short- and long-term fundraising campaigns.

We can help you set up evergreen fundraising pages that fit with your website, and quickly scale up dynamic pages for meet-the-moment opportunities.

We can provide ways for you to capture extra donor information for corporate giving, anonymous donations, and in memoriam gifts.

We can help you set up a gift donation program for collecting donations in honor of someone‘s birthday or for the holidays, with options for automated or hand-delivered email notifications, personalized printable certificates, and even postcard delivery.

We‘ll make sure your monthly sustainers have the tools they need to self-manage their credit card on file, keep track of their giving history, and get automated monthly receipts, end-of-year giving summaries, and reminder emails when their card needs updating.

We can build anything you can dream of for your end-of-year giving campaigns — if there‘s an idea you want to test out like member-driven fundraising, leaderboards, or a special email series, we‘d love to hear more.

New To ActionKit?

We‘ll set you up with everything you need to run engaging and professional campaigns without headaches.

Start Off On The Right Foot.

If you‘re new to ActionKit, we can theme your pages and mailings to match your brand and integrate seamlessly with your website; set up key reports for your advocacy, fundraising, and compliance; and help you import your data from other systems.

We‘ll help you get your fundraising off the ground, whether you‘re doing it inside of ActionKit or with ActBlue.

We can help you set up clean conventions for your source codes, tags, and payment processors so that you‘re easily able to track and group your conversions, acquisitions, engagement, and campaigns across email, SMS, social, joint actions, ads, and other paid acquisition as your list grows.

If you have regulated multi-entity or international requirements, we‘ll set you up with simple ways to toggle between your PAC and C4, manage disclaimers and GDPR consent, and run multilingual and multi-currency campaigns and fundraisers.

And if you‘re coming from another CRM like Nation Builder, Action Network, Salsa, or CiviCRM, we can do ”deep imports” so that you preserve your members‘ past campaign activity, contact preferences, and engagement patterns.

Ongoing Support & Monthly Check-Ins

We offer affordable fixed-price packages on a month-to-month basis, including optional “office hours” and Slack availability.

Help For Whatever You Might Need.

Many organizations just need someone on standby to help with whatever might come up: complex email targeting, recurring mailing setup, ad-hoc reports, or general troubleshooting.

And we‘re excited to hold ”office hours” with your team for general questions & best practices, and advise on how you can start using new built-in ActionKit features as they‘re launched like texting tools, user updaters, and ScorePool.

Our support packages can truly be used for whatever you might need from one month to the next — whether that‘s debugging your deliverability, optimizing a SQL query, or building a rapid-response microsite.

We can set up a standing monthly meeting to go over your upcoming campaign plans, review your KPIs, and discuss how you can make the most of the ActionKit tools you already have.

Build For Your Events

Get more RSVPs with full-page maps and embedded calendars, streamlined search-or-create interfaces, and differentiated event types.

Help People Show Up

Make sure attendees actually attend with event reminder emails and SMS, automatic Zoom registration, Google Calendar invites, and mobile-friendly in-person check-ins.

Keep Attendees Engaged

Automate your followup with debrief check-ins and photo collection, and convert attendees into organizers with recurring events and ongoing group discussions.

Powerful Event Tools.

We know how to power up your distributed organizing and event management.

We‘ll build on ActionKit‘s event systems to recruit for your events, support volunteer hosts, help people show up, and keep attendees engaged — whether you‘re running a large-scale webinar, a distributed global day of action, or a ticketed in-person annual conference.

If you‘re using other event tools like Mobilize, EveryAction, or Zoom, we can help make sure your data lands where it should — and when it should — to track who’s RSVPed, target recruitment emails for nearby members, and thank attendees after-the-fact.

What are you trying to accomplish?

If you tell us your goals and how your organization would ideally be able to work, we can build, integrate, & configure the systems that you would need to make that happen without frustration.

Streamline Your Workflows. Connect Your Data.

We can streamline your team‘s day-to-day workflows with purpose-built software that plugs in to ActionKit where you need it. We build moderation dashboards, page builders, PDF generators, target management tools, and offline action trackers.

If you‘re using ActionKit alongside other organizing tools and databases, we‘ll keep your data in sync so that you always have the latest info on your donors, advocacy actions, and outreach.

We can integrate ActionKit with tools like Salesforce, Quorum, Mobile Commons, ActBlue, Action Network, Airtable, Raisers Edge, Typeform, CiviCRM, Mobilize, EveryAction, Google Sheets, Wordpress, or Squarespace.

We can help you connect all of these systems and many more. For ActBlue, EveryAction, Mobile Commons, Salesforce, Strive, and other built-in syncs, we can configure them for you in the ways you need, and we can extend them with custom add-ons or build new ones if your needs go beyond what is provided out of the box.

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