We have developed custom arrangements for different levels of organizational needs based on level of in-house tech capacity, complexity of systems and requests, and expected turnaround times required to support smooth operations.

The list below reflects some but not all of the services that we provide for other organizations.

CRM basics:

  • Develop and maintain page templates and email wrappers
  • Load mail and page content
  • Target and send mails
  • Fundraising page setup, support, and customization
  • Report on users and actions
  • User imports

Advanced CRM:

  • Event campaign setup for virtual events, in-person events, and coordinated distributed days of action including customizations to host & attendee tools, automated event reminder & debrief emails with material distribution and photo collection, attendance tracking, map and calendar front ends, Mobilize integration, etc
  • Ad-hoc data reporting and query optimization
  • Metric development and tracking
  • Build and maintain advanced reporting dashboards
  • Set up quizzes and polls
  • CRM workflows including volunteer engagement tracking, application processes, training management
  • Data syncs both into and out of the CRM
  • Workflow integration with tools like New/Mode, Mobile Commons, Action Network, Quorum, Strive, Zoom, Google Drive, etc
  • Build content editing modules for campaigners
  • Build modular newsletter editors for campaigners
  • Build custom decision maker contact tracking
  • New gmail + yahoo deliverability requirement monitoring
  • Welcome series and re-engagement series design, implementation, and performance monitoring
  • GDPR/CCPA opt-in, retention, and cookie consent compliance
  • Internationalization
  • Digital engagement optimization tactics like daisy chains, scored quizzes, interactive polls, Buzzfeed-style quizzes, dynamic personalized image generation, etc


  • New website design and development
  • Content loading, formatting, editing, and publishing
  • Security and performance monitoring and upgrades
  • Theme evolutions and custom page implementations
  • Add new content types and build modular editing capabilities for non-coders
  • DDOS/DOS mitigation strategies
  • Uptime support and someone to call when something is not working


  • External application development that interfaces with your own database
  • Custom user-friendly user interfaces that support your team’s unique workflows
  • Campaign-specific microsites

General services:

  • Being available as a day-to-day sounding board & support desk for busy campaigners and other staff to make sure they feel heard, double check their work, confirm things are working correctly, make suggestions, and/or give back-of-the-envelope complexity estimates for new ideas
  • Project coordination and management: identify needs, develop resource plan, coordinate feedback collection, implementation, testing, and rollout
  • General problem solving: when a new concern or priority comes up, participating in and/or leading deep-dive meetings and providing solution options based on our deep levels of experience in technology and the advocacy space
  • Requirements-gathering across stakeholders: we have helped collect and prioritize feature needs as a neutral party across a wide variety of diverse stakeholders and personalities within an organization
  • Helping teams prepare necessary metrics, outcomes, and materials for annual report preparation, board meeting preparation, funder and leadership reporting

Packages are tailored based on number of support hours needed, expected turnaround time, and preferred communication modes (e.g. ticketing system vs real-time communication via Slack or urgent support calls)

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